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Virtual Newborn Photography
5 Benefits in 2021/2022

Suppose the level of home amateur photography does not suit you. In that case, choosing a photographer for photography arises—many mothers, even during pregnancy, dream of a photo session of their future baby. And, quite naturally, they begin to plan it immediately after the baby's well-being, and other factors allow it to be carried out. It is not always possible to entrust such a defenseless baby because no one guarantees that the photographer has sufficient knowledge and experience to ensure that the photo session will not be a test for your nerves.
Virtual newborn photography is one of the best ideas for creating beautiful images for your little one. It's much more than just an editing service ...

Benefits of virtual newborn photography

So, what are the advantages of Virtual Newborn Photography before a regular photoshoot:
1. First and foremost is the safety of your baby. There is no need to take your baby to a photo studio.
2. The second is simplicity - you need to take a picture on your phone at home and entrust the rest to a professional, and after a while, you will get the desired result.
3. The third is to save your energy and nerves and your time since by ordering this service on our website, we will deliver pictures to your mail within 24 hours.
4. The fourth is the cost, which is much less than the usual photoshoot in the studio.
5. Fifth - this is the ability to choose a picture in advance and understand what will turn out in the end.


What types of creating a Virtual Newborn Photography are:
1. There are digital backgrounds in which only the baby's face can be replaced.
These are completely swaddled "templates" where only the face is visible. Photos of only born babies very harmoniously fit into such backgrounds. Many mothers say they cannot believe that the pictures were taken virtually and turned out to be so realistic.
2. There are also backgrounds where a place is provided for the child to be photographed at full height. It can be a beautiful bed, a basket, or any other props for professional studio photography. With experience and modern image processing techniques, fantastic images are produced.

What should include

What should include
What the service of creating a virtual photo of newborns should include:
1. Background - large resolution allowing printing on large formats
2. Retouching the baby's image - removing problem areas of the baby's skin caused by increased skin sensitivity.
3. Combining the baby's photo with the background. At this stage, using the magic of Photoshop, we will create a realistic picture.

Sometimes it may take a few tries for parents to get the right pictures.
Then let's talk about how to take the perfect photos of your little one.
Initially, you need to provide your baby with a comfortable environment during photography: natural light, no loud sounds, and many people near the baby.
The most critical conditions for a high-quality photo taken by yourself are the proper lighting and shooting angle.


To get enough light for shooting:
- Choose the brightest room and open the windows as much as possible.
- Lay the child on their back next to the window. It is necessary if you were lying with your head to the window or at an angle of 45 degrees.
- Refuse to use a flash unit.
After all, bright light can not only scare the baby but can also adversely affect his vision. But the soft, diffused light from the window will be appropriate to convey the delicate look of the baby.


It is essential to keep the baby's face straight and the camera in front of the baby's face. If you take pictures from the bottom of the face in the direction of the chin, then in the photo, the chin and nose will be unnaturally large, and the rest of the face is smaller than necessary. And if you shoot too high, the forehead will be too big, and we want to see the child's whole look.
Do not bring the camera too close to your face. There will be severe image distortion, and the baby's face will not be beautiful. Lift the phone even higher, right above their face.
Choose a neutral background! The bright fabric on which the child lies, walls, curtains - everything nearby can reflect on the baby with its color! And instead of the correct color of the baby's skin, you will have dark multi-colored spots on your face, arms, and legs.

Don't be discouraged if you notice any blemishes or redness on your child's skin. This phenomenon is quite common in babies. They are easy to remove in Photoshop.

You have already decided that this service is for you, and you will be happy to get the perfect portrait of your baby. Then make sure you choose the one that is best for you, which does not take too much of your time and money, and at the same time guarantees excellent results. And if your baby has grown up or you have older kids at home, we also have fantastic backgrounds for them.

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