Rainbow basket twins

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How does this service work?
What is included in the order price?
A Few Tips

How does this service work?

1. Choose the backgrounds you like

2. Upload your baby pictures

3. We will edit and send you the pictures by email within 24 hours

What is included in the order price?

- Large-size and high-resolution digital background

- Creative retouching of the baby's image (Skin Smoothing and Color Correction).

Combining the background with the image of the baby (at this stage, we adjust the photo so that the final picture looks realistic).

A Few Tips

- Try to upload the maximum number of photos of your baby, as the final result greatly depends on this.

- The final result depends on the quality of the photos you upload. If your baby's image does not fit your chosen background, we will email you and ask you to send more pictures of your baby.

Please check your mail.

- If you don't like the final result?

We always treat each order with love in our hearts, and our main task is to make it as realistic and beautiful as possible. We will do our best to make you as happy as possible with the result. But if such a situation does arise, we will correct or ask you to send us another picture of your baby. (Unfortunately, you can use this function can be used only once).

- All backgrounds are large size and high resolution, and you will be able to print your picture on a large canvas.

We will completely delete the photos you share from our computer after the order is completed.

*Refund: due to the nature of the content, digital files cannot be returned.


Some examples of photos that fit: