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How to take a photo of a newborn on your phone correctly in 2023/2024?

If you don't want to hire a professional photographer, follow these simple DIY newborn photography tips. I am also a mother and took pictures of my baby myself. Here are some tricks and ideas to help you take cute photos of your own newborn and make the process stress-free.
The first and foremost rule of photographing an infant is that the baby should not be hungry.
Second, take pictures of your baby with natural light from a window in the daytime, without using light from lamps and flash.
The third rule is to prepare for the shoot in advance. Then you can create and translate your ideas for photos of babies into reality, changing costumes and hats, a variety of blankets.
The fourth rule is to photograph a lot. Your baby is constantly changing. A couple of weeks will pass, and he will never be the same again. So don't be lazy. Then you will be happy to leaf through these photos.
The fifth rule Smile at your baby and entertain him in every possible way.
If you smile sincerely, very soon, your mood will be passed on to the baby, and even among the smallest ones who still cannot smile, the face will become relaxed, and the child will become more photogenic.


When shooting such young "models," safety comes first! For every mother, of course, this is extremely important.
And most importantly, do not forget to feed the baby again in time and check the diaper.
Choose clothes that are plain, classic. Very bright outfits distract in photographs, and the child will become the leader in the picture. Also, try to choose the softest clothing you can take when shooting.


Take pictures during the day in the brightest room. If there is not enough light, open the curtains, place the baby closer to the window. The simplest and most effective background is a beautiful bedspread or plaid spread out on the bed. Beautiful photos of babies are obtained with plain knitted blankets or from fur.
Do not use flash. The flash of the camera badly affects the not yet formed retina of the eye of a newborn baby, and such experiments can negatively affect the baby's vision. In addition, the flash scares the child, which can spoil the mood of the miniature model.
Turn off the flash on your camera and try to photograph in natural light. It is better to postpone the photo session in the morning or afternoon, open the curtains on the windows, or go outside.
See where the light is hitting and start preparing.
The tiny model needs to be turned to face the light. Preferably at an angle of 45 degrees. Just sit next to the window and find the spot you want.
If the room is dark, feel free to wear white clothes - they will help reflect light from the window and add general light to the frame.


Keeping the baby's face straight and keeping the camera directly in front of the baby's face is essential. If you shoot too low, then shoot through the nose, and we don't want to see the baby's nostrils. And if you shoot too high, the forehead will be too big, and we want to know the child's whole face.
If the photo is taken too close, there will be severe image distortion, and the baby's face will not be beautiful. Place your baby and lift the phone even higher, right above the baby's face.
Choose a neutral background! Bright walls, a multi-colored carpet (or blanket), curtains - everything nearby can reflect on the baby in its color! And instead of a flush baby, you have dark multi-colored spots on your face, arms, and legs.
Don't be discouraged if you notice any blemishes or redness on your child's skin. This is quite common in babies. They can be easily eliminated in Photoshop.

Features of shooting children of different ages

Children manifest themselves differently in other months of life, so it is essential to know these nuances.
Shooting a newborn up to 3 months
As a rule, during this time, the baby is mostly asleep. You have an excellent opportunity to select the desired angle for a long time, calmly use the scenery, invent plots. You can stand in the frame with the baby, take him on the handles. There are many options. It all depends on your imagination.
Shooting a baby from 3 to 6 months
You will have to be patient to get a perfect shot. The baby will be more agile and less prone to static frames in photography.
During this period, the child is already making the first attempts to sit, which you can use.
Up to 6 months, you need to have time to take a photo of the baby's hands, legs while they are still tiny.
Shooting a baby at six months
From this time on, the child already sits on his own and makes more contact. Here you will undoubtedly need your charm, friendliness, sincerity, and you will get unforgettable, touching shots.
When planning a photo session a year, you need to remember that after 10 minutes, the child will begin to lose interest, and after 20 minutes, he will stop responding to extraneous sounds and crawl away with the words "no-no-no." For a photo session, it is advisable to prepare a festive decoration with balloons and think over children's props that will lure the child. A basket is ideal, from which the baby cannot escape.

If two weeks have passed and you haven't taken a newborn photo yet, don't think it's too late, and the results may not be as satisfying. We will help you restore justice, order our service, and we will be happy to take beautiful pictures for you.
Be attentive to details, and they will help to create unique and original shots.
Shooting one-year-old children

9 Tips for Home Newborn Photo Shoots:

9 Tips for Home Newborn Photo Shoots:
1. Sensual pictures of the baby in the arms of the parents.
2. You can ask one of your friends to take pictures of the whole family - such photographs are of particular value.
3. Take pictures of the newborn with siblings.
4. If your family has pets in contact with the baby, take a photo with them too - this is very interesting.
5. If your camera supports macro mode or you have a macro lens, do not miss the opportunity to shoot close-ups - ears, lips, hands, heels.
6. Take pictures of the baby against the background of those things of particular importance to you.
7. If family members have hobbies that certain subjects can characterize, add them to the frame. For example, a soccer ball if dad is fond of football, a guitar for parents who are musicians, and the like. Thus, you can easily give your photos a unique family spirit, make them bright and original.
8. Beautiful photo shoots of babies are often taken on the bed near the window. The simplest and most effective background is plain color bedding. This will help focus on the baby.
9. It's a great idea to photograph a baby every month to a year, for example, with the same soft toy.

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