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We'll turn your baby's everyday photos into artwork pictures

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  1. Choose the backgrounds you like
  2. Upload photos of your baby
  3. We will edit and send you the pictures by email within 24 hours
Our advantages?
  • Simplicity and accessibility. Your photo + our editing and background = stunning professional images.
  • This is a safe way to capture your baby.
  • Pictures will be a great addition to the interior of the children's room.
  • Large selection of backgrounds.
  • Creative approach to every picture.
  • Fast delivery.
  • 100% positive reviews.


Can you think of a specific memory that always brings a smile to your face? What if you could showcase it in a gorgeous, luxurious high-resolution picture that will decorate your room interior. Reimagine your home photos and see them as you've never seen them before!

When you upload an image to Sweet-baby-photography, we do not just insert a photo of the baby; we do with care and love in our hearts. We want your order to be fantastic that the pictures will cause spiritual awe even after many years.

Each baby is individual, and we will take care of him, remove redness and spots on the baby's skin, pay attention to the correct colors so that your newborn images look sweet. As if this is an actual photoshoot of an infant, but at the same time, created everything online.